Where to buy Anavar

Anavar is not available in offline drug stores without prescription from your doctor, then where to buy Anavar for bodybuilders and athletes who do not have prescriptions? There is no simple answer to this question. In this part of Anavar review we describe all possible options for you and to make a conclusion which way of Anavar purchase is best for you.

What you need to know before you buy Anavar?

Anavar is an extremely popular anabolic steroid which is recommended for beginning users to start with for its mild effect and low risk of side effects. Anavar is also much preferred by professional athletes as it performs stable effect, it is side effects friendly medication and it does pose any risks of performing estrogen related side effects as the drug does not get aromatized in the body (this means that it does not get converted into estrogen, the levels of estrogen remain unchanged with Anavar). Due to such popularity and high demand for the drug, the black market offers too many counterfeited Anavar pills and liquids.

First to mention, original Anavar is produced only in pills, there are no liquid Anavar forms either for oral use or for intramuscular or intravenous injections. Some underground laboratories still produce liquid Anavar and distribute it among amateur and professional athletes. We have already explained, why liquid form of Anavar is of great risk for your health. Then where to buy Anavar legally and safely?

Where to buy Anavar legally?

Unfortunately, legal purchase of Anavar is possible only in case you get an official prescription from your health care provider. But none of the doctors and clinics will not take responsibility for prescription of the drug with no due reasons as diseases and conditions which are direct indications for using Anavar or Oxandrolone. Even if you be honest with your doctor and will confess why you need Anavar, you will not get an official prescription.

That is why, in search of where to buy Anavar, legal purchase is not an option for athletes and bodybuilders. The only way to officially get it is after traumas of tendons and joints as this anabolic steroid is a drug of choice in treatment, recovery and restoration of joints and tendons in professional athletes. However you will not get the prescription for the dosages which will be enough for a complete Anavar cycle.

Where to buy Anavar for athletic use?

While athletes can not get Anavar officially and legally, then the only way to buy Anavar is hunting the drug on the black market. And there are two alternatives: underground laboratories and reputable outlets. Both of them are players of black market of steroids, with the only difference in price and the way these suppliers get Anavar.

Underground laboratories produce their own Anavar following the composition and the formulation of original drug, however the purity and quality of components is still a disputable quesiton. In many cases these manufacturers use different additives and what is more, they change formulation (offering, for example, liquid Anavar by dissolving Oxandrolone powder in a liquid solution). This leads to poor quality anabolic steroid which can be underdosed, fake (made from different components) or not Anavar at all as the end drug does not feature the formula of original drug. In some cases such underground steroids do not even contain Oxandrolone.

Reputable outlets offer original Anavar for sale, it does not play a role for you how these stores have got the original Anavar. But purchasing Anavar pills from such websites ensures high quality drug with no risks of taking wrong doses of the steroid.

The key difference you can judge on the drug is the price of Anavar. Counterfeited Anavar, which is made from low quality components, is much cheaper. Original Anavar is an expensive steroid. The price of a single pill rarely goes down under 1,5USD per a pill. The choice is up to you. You can choose the safest and the most correct way of cycling with Anavar. Or you can also try various options of cheap Anavar, however keep in mind that such a choice poses great risks for you. The severity of risks varies. You can experience as little risk as taking just a vitamin supplement instead of Anavar making no good and no harm to your health or you may get a drug which will harm your health and may pose a risk for your life.

Thus the only way, where to buy Anavar, is hunting the drug online. You will find many websites offering Anavar for sale at a different price. Your task is to check a supplier, to read reviews, to filter true and valid reviews from fake and spam ones and to buy Anavar in advance. Mind, that purchasing Anavar can also be penalized. Thus to minimize the risks we recommend to buy Anavar in advance for an entire cycle.