What is anavar

Many beginning athletes start their steroid experience with research of what is Anavar and other steroid drugs and how they work for their bodies to plan a proper approach of building a perfect body with the assistance of steroids and other sport supplements. Anavar is also known as Oxandrolone being an anabolic steroid produced and marketed by the pharmaceutical company named Searle Laboratories. It was first produced and released to the pharmaceutical market of the United States in 1964. This anabolic steroid is of synthetic nature. The A-circle of this synthetic steroid is presented with a heteronucleus in which the second atom of hydrogen is replaced with an atom of oxygen.

What is anavarThis anabolic steroid is one of the top popular drugs as among pro athletes and experienced bodybuilders so among beginning users due to its mild effect, low androgenic potential and extremely high anabolic index.

Answering the question what is Anavar, we can not but mention that this steroid possesses the greatest immune modulating and stimulating potential, it significantly rises the sensitivity of tissues to the action of insulin. Initially the drug was developed as a supplementary treatment for weak patients suffering from incurable diseases as hepatitis, HIV, diabetes as well as from severe conditions as anemia, massive thermal skin damages. Soon after the drug was released to the market  Anavar effects for fat burning and performance boosting were noticed by bodybuilders and thus a range of extensive studies of the steroid were conducted in the next few years. After the Anavar effects were proved in multiple studies and research, bodybuilders and athletes started to actively add this anabolic steroid in their cutting and bulking cycles. This activity placed the drug on the list of controlled substances in the United States.

What Anavar effects are proved?

The key issues of any research of what is Anavar is drug effects. There are many cases of misuse of the drug which causes disappointment and results in many negative Anavar reviews. There is a range of proved effects of Oxandrolone which are listed here in descending order:

  • better definition of muscular relief, strengthening and hardening of muscles – this is the prime effect of Oxandrolone
  • fat burning – this is one of the most popular reasons why Anavar is used in cutting cycles
  • human growth hormone natural production stimulation – this is a secondary effect of Oxandrolone which is not the least important, however the effect of HGH raise in the body is not instantly noticeable
  • power and performance enhancement – Anavar does not cause any energy releasing action, that is why this effect of Anavar is placed the last on the least, however all the users of Oxandrolone prove that they feel better in the gym during extensive workouts as well as they notice the endurance boost.

Conducting your own research of what is Anavar you must take the fact for granted that Anavar does not assist in building up lean muscle mass directly. It is unreasonable to use Oxandrolone in bulking cycles due to evident reasons. Anavar does not boost muscles but makes them more defined due to cutting off fat layers from the body. It is possible to add some amount of lean muscle mass with Anavar but this effect will be reached not due to the action of the drug, but due to the hard work in the gym. Anavar will provide only assisting effect in energizing your body.

For whom is Anavar?

Anavar is recommended for athletes and bodybuilders of all levels of training with enough of lean muscle mass and a moderate content of body fat. The aim of using Anavar in this case is perfect muscle definition, strengthening and hardening of muscles.

What are side effects of Anavar?

Anavar is a mild acting anabolic steroid which can be safely used as by men so by women. Common side effects of Anavar are related to personal sensitivity and tolerability of the drug. The most frequently reported side effects are vomiting, indigestion, nausea and diarrhea. Some athletes report headache, muscle and joints pain, insomnia and some other mental disorders. But these side effects are not proved to be related to the action of Anavar.

As this anabolic steroid does not get aromatized, then it does not pose any risks of developing gynecomastia in male athletes.

Anavar is the safest anabolic steroid option for female bodybuilders and fitness models as it does not cause virilization.

What is important to know about Anavar?

Yes, this anabolic steroid is one of the safest options on the market, but still there are some concerns. During studying the question what is Anavar, please, pay attention to the reasons why side effects get present in many cases. To know this you must pay attention to the details of the review. An average dosage of Anavar varies from 30mg to 50mg, however many athletes take Anavar in highly exceeded dosages as 80 or 100mg. Mind, that nobody will take responsibility for your health and for the outcomes of such overdosing.

The same is with Anavar for women. In moderate dosages the risk of virilization is extremely low and in high dosages or in case of overdosing the risk of masculiniztion gets much higher.