What does Anavar do

What does Anavar doAnavar is one of the top cutting anabolic steroids on the sports pharmaceutical market, but what does Anavar do for your body? Following a common knowledge, any anabolic steroid will cut weight and fat and help add up lean muscle mass as any steroid must be taken in complex with proper dieting (with low content of crabs and fats and high content of proteins) which will surely make you leaner, and in addition the steroids must be followed with excessive working out which will help to build up muscles and to add lean muscle mass. But what is different with Anavar is that with this anabolic steroid your body will be more defined and the muscles will turn harder and stronger with any other steroid used in a cutting cycle as this drug is unable to retain water in the body. The drug helps to maintain muscles, their strength and performance when an athlete is on a cutting cycle. A cutting phase is commonly known to be damaging muscles. Anavar performs muscle preserving effect and assists in restoration and recovery of muscular tissues after excessive workouts and damages which in its turn helps an athlete to improve the performance and to take extra workouts in the cycle.

What does Anavar do so special for you?
There are some evident benefits of the drug which will persuade you to choose this anabolic steroid among others for cutting cycles.

Anavar’s oral availability

Most of anabolic steroids are available only in injectable form which poses certain inconveniences of use. Anavar is available in pills for oral usage with a very convenient dosages: 2,5mg of Anavar is the best option for women as they are not recommended to take high Anavar dosages to avoid the risks of virilization, 10mg and 20mg are the best dosages for male users. It is recommended to buy Anavar in both 10mg and 20mg as you must not split a pill and the recommendations for the cycles are the next:

20mg 30 minutes before training and two dosages of 10mg each taken in a 6 hours interval.

This is an average scheme for a cutting cycle for a male athlete.

Anavar provides incredible strength

Answering the question what does Anavar do, we can not but mention its ability of nitrogen retention and sugar metabolism in the body which results in massive add up in strength and endurance for better performance and increased power. Due to a faster restoration you start to work more intense and thus get better results. The strength and the stimulating effect of the drug will totally depend on the dosage you take. Anavar is recommended to be taken in moderate dosages. The maximum recommended one is 80mg per day. But many athletes strive to get better results and opt in 80-100mg as a daily dosage split in several intakes.

Due to nitrogen retention the muscles turn more durable and able to work harder for a prolonged periods of time. Due to moderate boosting of metabolic processes in the body, you constantly get additional dosages of energy which you can turn in better performance in the gym using it for strengthening of your muscles.

Anavar burns fat

Another simple answer to the question what does Anavar do is burning fat and reducing body weight. The drug does not directly affect the fat cells in the body and does not drain fat content from the tissues, however it boosts the processes which ensure great fat metabolism in the body. There are commonly two types of fat deposits in the body: visceral (fat mass which is accumulated around the organs) and subcutaneous (fat mass that forms fat layers under the skin – this is the fat content which covers the muscles and affects the definition of the relief). The aim of any cutting cycle is to reduce the content of subcutaneous fat content to better cut and define muscles as well as to become leaner. Anavar cycle helps to reduce subcutaneous fat mass and to better define muscle relief on the body.

Anavar does not cause aromatization side effects

In considering what Anavar do for the body it is important to mention what Anavar does not do for your body. Anavar does not get aromatized in the body. This means that when absorbed in the blood the agent does not get converted in estrogens. As estrogen levels get unchaged when you take Anavar, then you are safe from risks and side effects related to the high levels of estrogen in the body. Among the top risks related to high estrogen levels there are gynecomastia, bloating, low libido or completely absent sexual drive, rapid mood swings. This is one of the top Anavar benefits it is commonly preferred for. Mind that other steroids, with which you stack Anavar, can get aromatized. Please, be sure to check all of them. If some of the steroid drugs you take get aromatized, then be sure to include AI in your cutting cycle.

Long lasting effect

Another thing what Anavar do for your body, but not the least in the effect is the long lived gains. Anavar does not assist in adding up lean muscle mass. However you will add certain mass due to correct diet and excessive workouts. These gains, unlike those pounds you get with other steroids, are of higher quality as they are completely natural and do not depend on the hormones or steroids you take. Thus when you finish the cycle and withdraw the drug you will not experience the reduction of achieved effects.