Anavar vs Winstrol

Sports pharmaceutical market offers many alternatives to male and female athletes for cutting and bulking cycles. The key alternative for weight loss and muscle definition in cutting cycles is Anavar vs Winstrol. Though the drugs perform a quite similar action and possess the same safety features, still the choice is very hard. In this Winstrol vs Anavar review we will highlight the top peculiarities of each drug and will answer the question which steroid is best for you.

Anavar or Oxandrolone is one of the most under- and overestimated steroid drugs in the athletic world. Its effect is underestimated for cutting cycles and is overestimated for bulking goals. However Anavar is one of the most popular and top recommended drugs for beginning athletes and female users due to its mild effect. The best purpose Anavar is used for is weight loss and fat content reduction. The drug belongs to the Schedule III category of drugs meaning it being on non-narcotic nature, the anabolic steroid is a prescription drug administered to treat debilitating conditions related to severe diseases as osteoporosis, AIDS, diabetes and other muscle wasting diseases and conditions (surgeries, traumas, severe damages of body parts and skin in particular).

The anabolic steroid is commonly misused and is applied for bulking but performs very poor effect. The proper use of Anavar is for cutting cycles in dosages of 0,125mg per each body kilogram or 80-100mg as a daily dosage for male users. For use in women Anavar is recommended in dosages of 2,5-20mg as a daily dosage. In low to moderate dosages women can be safe from virilization effects and can go on cycling on Anavar till achieving desired effects. Anavar can be easily and safely stacked with other steroids for a more prominent effect. The best way to improve the efficacy of cutting cycle is to stack Anavar with Promobolan, Halotestin or Winstrol.

Winstrol is the next top popular drug for weight loss cycles which is renowned in athletic and bodybuilding circles for its low side effects’ risks. This anabolic steroid is much preferred for its amazing property of improving the retention of nitrogen and boosting protein synthesis. Most athletes report that the drug improves strength of tendons and ligaments as well as boosts recovery and restoration processes after traumas. The top interest to Winstrol is performed due to its ability to increase the levels of free testosterone circulating in the body of an athlete. The same as Anavar, Winstrol performs the same low risks of virilization in women, that is why it is always a steroid of choice among female users.

Anavar vs Winstrol: which is better

In the couple of Winstrol vs Anavar it is hard to make a correct choice as both drugs are used in cutting cycles for weight loss and fat content reduction. Both drugs perform the lowest risks of virilization (presence of symptoms of masculinization in women as deepening of voice, excessive hair growth and clitor enlargement) which can be a decisive argument of choice. However Anavar is known to perform a better muscle strengthening results and boosting performance, while Winstrol taken in cutting cycles performs better results in adding up lean muscle mass.

Both drugs are not deprived of shortcomings. If you choose among Anavar vs Winstrol, then you must consider that Winstrol can be very hard on joints and tendons causing cramps and pain, while Anavar is a very costly solution for most of the athletes. However when it comes to real life choice between Winstrol vs Anavar, professional athletes and experienced bodybuilders give preference to Oxandrolone (Anavar) due to lower risks of virilization and aromatization. Moreover Anavar performs the lowest risks of any side effects (claimed by the manufacturer and individual). Among claimed side effects there are only the symptoms of indigestion which can be managed with dosage correction and proper intakes of meal together with the drug. The risks of individual side effects are much lower and are limited only to personal sensitivity (allergy) or intolerability of the drug.

As Anavar does not get aromatized in the body, then the risks of estrogen related side effects are extremely low: men will not experience gynecomastia, acne, oily skin or male pattern baldness during the cycles.

In comparison of Winstrol vs Anavar the first performs higher risks of masculating side effects due to its being a derivative of DHT. The unwanted effects Winstrol users commonly face during and after cycles are tougher skin, excessive growth of body hair and scalp hair loss.

Anavar does not cause hard shut down of HPTA. The suppression of natural testosterone production does take place during Anavar cycle still. That is why it is recommended to mix it with synthetic testosterone which is added in moderate dosages to avoid rapid decreasing of this essential hormone.

Apart all other benefits of choosing Anavar in the couple of Winstrol vs Anavar the first one does not cause water retention and thus a user is safe from high blood pressure symptoms. Other unwanted symptoms as loss of libido and bloating.Anavar vs Winstrol