Anavar steroid

Among all anabolics Anavar steroid is one of the most disputable drugs. From the one hand it is much liked and preferred by pro athletes, experienced bodybuilders and beginning users for its mild but quite stable effect. On the other hand it is much hated for its zero effect in bulking cycles and for its mildness when the goal is to sufficiently reduce weight. In this Anavar steroid review we will explain how to best use the steroid, why these misconceptions often appear as well as we will touch upon stacking of Anavar steroids with other drugs.

What is Anavar steroid

Anavar steroidDue to being a steroid Anavar is expected to grow muscles turning an athlete into live Hulk. However all steroids work in different ways. Expecting from Anavar a traditional steroid bulking effect is the same vain as to try to burn fat following a diet rich in carbs and fats.

Anavar is one of the best studied steroids which is developed for intense recovery of patients suffering from severe conditions as HIV (AIDS), diabetes, hepatitis and of patients who have passed difficult surgeries or have got massive traumas including extensive thermal skin damages. The drug possesses great potential for tissues recovery and restoration. It is a prescription medicine and it is available only with prescription from your health care provider.

In sport use the drug is administered to athletes and bodybuilders to cut off body fat for better definition of muscular relief. There are certain categories of users who will best benefit from Anavar usage. These groups of athletes are:

  • professional athletes (runners, cyclers) who need to keep up a good shape and physique during off season
  • amateur bodybuilders and athletes in a great physical form to better distinguish muscles
  • fitness models to ensure the best muscular relief in preparation for competitions
  • experienced athletes who need to cut off body fat in the parts which are extremely hard to work out to burn fat out there

For whom Anavar steroid will not work

Among all anabolics Anavar steroid is one of the most misused drugs due to misunderstanding of its purposes. Anavar steroids are used often for:

  • reducing fat content in beginning and amateur athletes with a big body mass index due to extra weight
  • adding up lean muscle mass

For these purposes Anavar works poorly. If you expect to achieve ultimate results with Anavar setting such goals for your cycles, then you will be disappointed. To achieve such results you need to stack Anavar with other drugs. But to do so, you need to understand which steroids work best with Anavar and for which purposes.

How to stack Anavar steroids

The key rule of Anavar steroids stacking is that this steroid drug will perform only its effects and results. No combinations will change the Anavar mechanism of action and will not make it bulk your muscles. Thus Anavar is not recommended for male users for bulking cycles and for female users stacked with other steroids which can perform virilization effects.

Stacking Anavar for male users

The key application of Anavar for male users is for cutting cycles with the aim of better definition of muscular relief. If stacked and combined with other steroids and hormones Anavar will still perform its key function – burning fat out from the body. For male users it is recommended to add testosterone in the cycles with Anavar as this steroid suppresses the production of natural testosterone in the body and thus the levels of this essential hormone drop sufficiently.

Anavar steroid is also effectively stacked with the next anabolics:

  • trenbolone
  • winstrol
  • primobolan

Stacking Anavar with other anabolic steroids you can achieve better results in a single cycle. While Oxandrolone will work for fat content reduction, other steroids will effectively pump up muscles. Moreover, in combination with diet Anavar will protect your muscles from damaging and reduction, and in combination with excessive workouts which are essential part of any bulking cycle, Anavar will assist in muscle restoration.

Anavar steroids stacking for female users

Stacking Anavar steroid for women is beneficial from all points of view. First, Anavar is the only steroid which is necessary for a female athlete to achieve set goals: cutting fat and bulking muscles. Yes, Anavar works for women for adding up lean muscle mass due to a different response of female body to the action of the drug.

For a beginner in steroidal cycles, it is recommended to start the first cycle only with Anavar to get the body adjusted. Then you are recommended to plan the next cycle by setting definite goals. For performance enhancing and adding up power and muscles you are recommended to stack Anavar steroid with such drugs as:

  • primobolan
  • winstrol
  • HGH
  • Nolvadex.