Anavar side effects

Anavar side effectsWhen it comes to a cycle with any steroidal androgenic drugs, the first consideration is possible side effects and risks for your health, but are there any proved Anavar side effects? Remember that the ultimate goal of any sport activity is to improve your physique, shape and health, but in the first instance to make it with no or the lowest risks for your health and life. Androgenic steroids affect the way your body functions and thus can cause severe changes which in certain cases are life threatening. But this is not the case with Anavar as this drug is considered side effects’ friendly anabolic.

If you opt for Anavar for your cutting cycle then you can be safe from side effects as the drug in low dosages does not cause any adverse reactions in the body. The most evident case when side effects of Anavar are highly possible is personal sensitivity to the components of the drug as well as personal intolerability.

In previous reviews of Anavar we informed you that the results of the drug in a cycle poorly depend on the dosage of the drug, however the risks of side effects and risks for your health increase proportionally with the increase of the dosage. Some pro athletes and experienced users of Anavar do risk to try Anavar in maximum dosage of 80mg in a day. Mind that this dosage is twice as high as a maximum allowed by the drug manufacturer.

In all other cases the drug is well tolerated and only 3% of Anavar users report any side effects which they associate with the intake of this medication.

Which Anavar side effects do not exist

Side effects of most anabolic androgenic steroids do exist only due to their aromitizing nature. They instantly convert into estrogen when get absorbed in the blood right after the intake. The rapid instant jump of the level of estrogen results in side effects which can be quite bothersome and in rare cases life threatening (many tumors and cancer diseases are hormone dependent and are sensitive to the level of estrogens). This case makes the athletes and bodybuilders to add aromatase inhibitors into their cycles with androgenic anabolic steroids to reduce the risks of possible side effects which are related to the levels of estrogen rising in the body. While Anavar does not get aromatized in the body and thus the levels of estrogens stay unchanged, then there is no need to take additional actions and drugs to protect your body from unwanted side effects related to estrogen levels. In most cases high levels of estrogens in male body cause gynecomastia. The minor side effects which are expected from other androgenic steroids you can use in bulking or cutting cycles are related to water retention. Thus the weight is unstable and the performance is quite low.

However this is not the case with Anavar. The drug does not affect the levels of hormones naturally produced in your body. Thus you will not experience any sufficient changes in the way your body functions.

Possible side effects of Anavar

Still any drug and food supplement carries some risks of side effects. In most cases they are related just to individual tolerability and sensitivity to the components of the drug. However Anavar keeps potentially high risk of blood pressure and cholesterol levels jumps. These side effects are quite rare and in most cases depend on the individual lifestyle of a user. Being a derivative from natural testosterone, Oxandrolone pills suppresses the natural production of this hormone in the body. The level of testosterone suppression will depend on the dosage and the individual condition of the user. The suppression of testosterone will vary from case to case, but it will be present. Some athletes therefore add testosterone into their cycles while taking Anavar.

While typical Anavar side effects are very mild and are very easy to avoid, the symptoms and effects of low testosterone in the body are very noticeable and risky.

The typical Anavar side effects are commonly related to allergic presences as rashes, skin redness and sensitivity as well as to digestive symptoms with vomiting, nausea and diarrhea. If you turn allergic to the action of the drug, you have no chances to go on your cycle. You need to withdraw the medicine and to start recovery therapy.

In case you experience indigestion which you relate to the intake of the drug, you are recommended to revise your dosage and to split it into two intakes.

Anavar side effects for women

Anavar is the most women friendly androgenic steroid. It is well tolerated by women and poses no risks of virilization for female athletes. Thus women do not experience the symptoms of masculinization as deepening of the voice, excessive hair growth all over the body, enlargement of clitor. Keep in mind that extra high dosages of Anavar can induce the risks of viriliztion and may induce changes in female bodies. Thus it is recommended to use Anavar responsibly.