Anavar reviews

Anavar is one of the top popular anabolic steroids with the highest level of competition as the drug plays in the niche of fat burners and the best options for cutting cycles. That is why fake Anavar reviews are a part of competitors’ marketing strategy to win more users. Still each athlete before starting a new steroid strives to find out what effects and results of any steroid its users achieve, with which dosages and which risks prove to be true. But making your own online research you must know how to distinguish fake reviews of Anavar from true and real life and how to filter waste reviews from valuable ones. In this Anavar review we will provide you the hints and tips how to extract important information from the reviews of steroids, and not only of Anavar.

Anavar reviewsAnavar is much preferred as by pro and experienced athletes so by beginning bodybuilders and just athletic enthusiasts for its mild effect and safety. The drug poses the lowest risks of side effects and in moderate dosages does not cause virilization in female athletes. For women Oxandrolone is almost the only option to use for safe cutting and better muscle definition as well for a slight bulking effect.

If you make a search on Anavar reviews on Google or any other search engine or if you filter bodybuilding forums and blogs on the matter of reviews of Anavar, you will find too much of contradictory information on this anabolic steroid. There is the only explanation of such a diversity of opinions on Anavar. The matter is only in the misuse and mistaking Oxandrolone for other anabolic steroids.

In a traditional sense any anabolic steroid must bulk up muscles. In case with Anavar this approach does not work as this steroid best works for fat cutting and muscle definition goals. When an athlete takes Anavar with the aim of bulking and the results turn very poor after the cycle completion, then this case stimulates many negative reviews of the drug. That is why when hunting reviews of Anavar and any other steroid drug, it is of ultimate importance to pay attention to the details and to possess necessary knowledge on the action of the drug, possible side effects and indications for drug use.

How to distinguish quality Anavar reviews

When reading blog posts, forum threads and reviews of Anavar on various websites, you will find out that each post contains very different amount of data on the drug. A high quality Anavar review will always contain the next data:

  • total experience of anabolic steroid drug application of a user – an important factor implying total knowledge of how steroids work
  • the goals of using Anavar – this information proves that the drug has been used correctly with proper expectations;
  • the details of Anavar cycle which is reviewed – as cycle duration, dosages and scheme of intake of the drug; other important factors are diet details and exercising plan for the cycle;
  • positive effects of Anavar noticed in and after the cycle – what goals are achieved;
  • negative effects of Anavar noticed in and after the cycle – what side effects, discomfort or unexpected effects or results are noticed, whether it is possible to neglect such effects and results or not, whether the results are occasional or continuing;
  • pictures of before and after Anavar cycle (optional) – pictures are very hard to check for originality, they can be copied from other sources, still you can make a search through Google images to check whether these pictures are posted elsewhere;
  • body parameters as key dimensions and weights (as Anavar poorly affects the performance) – these are also perfect proofs of Anavar efficacy/low efficacy;
  • extensive answers to comments of readers – a person who has really used a drug, possesses enough knowledge and practical experience to give extensive answers and to consult other users on personal experience;
  • personal recommendations and summaries of Anavar user.

It may seem very hard to search for such reviews and to check each one for all the parameters, but you must remember that you choose a drug which will change the way your body works. It is worth investing a bit of your spare time into investigation, than to invest hundreds of dollars in recovery of your body and health in case of choosing a wrong drug.

Another factor to filter out is emotions. Some Anavar users write very emotional reviews describing the side effects in a scary manner so to prevent other users from taking the drug. However you must always compare personal attitude to official data provided by the manufacturer and to pay close attention to the details of usage. Some side effects are commonly caused with excessive usage or personal sensitivity to the drug.

Factors of low quality Anavar reviews

Fake Anavar reviews commonly falsify common information on the drug. Among the most commonly faked data there are:

  • form of the drug – Anavar is available only in pills for oral use, no injections or liquids are possible
  • Anavar and Oxandrolone are different agents
  • Anavar performs the same risks as other aromatizing drugs – gynecomstia, bloating, etc.
  • Anavar assists in bulking cycles
  • Anavar as other steroids poses a high risk of virilization in women.