Anavar results

A choice of any performance enhancing drug starts from a consideration of a common issue what Anavar results can be expected with this drug and whether there are more effective and powerful alternatives. Of course, the steroid market offers extra choice of steroids to opt in for cutting or bulking cycle. However there is no a definite answer to this question. Many beginning athletes doubt whether Anavar being renowned as a mild acting steroidal drug or even a female steroid will perform any effect, while more advanced athletes know that the drug will perform a perfect muscle defining effect but their consideration is how to improve standard Anavar results. In this Anavar  review we will touch upon essential considerations about Anavar results and the recommendations on how to improve the expected results of the drug.

Anavar is taken for two goals: to bulk up lean muscle mass (the drug works poorly for this matter) and to cut off fat and to define better muscular relief (the drug works well for this aim).

Anavar results in bulking cycles

Anavar is not intended for bulking up lean muscle mass. Due to its mild effect the drug action is not enough to present visible bulking result. However most beginning athletes notice better relief and harder muscles considering these achievements to be Anavar results. But this is only partially true. Anavar does not assist in any way in building up muscles, however it sufficiently cuts off fat layer helping to burn out fat from all parts of the body, even there where it is almost impossible to burn fat with physical exercises and cardio workouts.

Anavar resultsAs a mild acting steroid Anavar will do very little for growing up lean muscles, even if an athlete will take maximum allowed dosages or will exceed an allowed dosage (some athletes opt in 80 to 100mg of Anavar as a daily dosage while an average dosage for Anavar cycle is up to 40mg). Moreover Anavar is a very expensive drug to choose for bulking while other steroids in much lower and safer dosages will provide a more noticeable effect than Oxandrolone.

Anavar is a good alternative for an off-season use in cycles for supporting a good shape and physical condition with no high expectations about adding muscles. What Anavar does really well is preserving lean muscles from destruction and damaging when you are on a cutting cycle. Anavar is also known for great muscle restoration and recovery properties.

Thus, considering Anavar results for bulking cycles this steroid is not recommended for powerlifters and bodybuilders for building up muscles, but it is a perfect mild steroid for runners, basketball players, runners and cyclers to keep shape during off season.

While Anavar is not the best option for male athletes and bodybuilders, the case turns quite different with women as Oxandrolone is a perfect hormone for female fitness models and bodybuilders as it is safe from virilization risks.

Anavar results in a cutting cycle

Anavar best works for cutting cycles when a goal of an athlete is to define muscular relief and to cut off fat layer. The drug acts mildly and allows to define perfect shape in as less as 6 weeks. Moreover, extensive studies of the drug have proved that Oxandrolone presents the best effect during the first 6 weeks of the cycle. Thus there will be no reason to use it for longer. Still some athletes take the drug for 8 weeks to ensure the best Anavar results. What results can be achieved in 6 weeks?

Most athletes report the next Anavar results in a cutting cycle:

  • muscles become harder and stronger
  • better defined muscular relief all over the body
  • improved endurance and performance due to energy boost
  • metabolism boosting
  • visible thinning of fat layer

Anavar works amazingly well for male athletes striving for perfect beach look. The best Anavar results can be achieved in complex with a proper diet and exercising aimed at burning fat layer in the body. Anavar is also recommended for beginning athletes and bodybuilders who just start their first steroid cycles. Due to mild action of Oxandrolone the results will be great. A beginning user will be safe from side effects as the drug is side effect friendly. It does not cause any specific side effects as well as the drug is completely safe for female athletes. It does not induce masculinization side effects thus is completely safe for women in cutting and bulking cycles.

Before you start your first Anavar cycle, you must know that Anavar results poorly depend on the daily dosage you take. A common dosage for a cutting cycle is 20-40mg of Oxandrolone in a day divided into two intakes. The maximum daily dosage depends on the response of the body to the action of the drug. The first week is recommended to start with 10mg and the next 5 to 7 weeks are recommended to go on with 30mg or 40mg. 20mg is a recommended dosage of Anavar for women.