Anavar pills

Before starting your first Anavar cycle you must learn the information on Anavar pills, their dosages and availability. While the dosage of Anavar will vary greatly depending on the goals of the cycle and the initial conditions of a user, the form of the drug is the only unchangeable factor.

Anavar pillsOn browsing various websites in search of where to buy Anavar you will surely find various forms of this anabolic steroids. Some websites will offer Anavar pills, others will promote Anavar liquid, while the third will suggest to buy Anavar in liquids for injections.

Original Anavar was initially developed in pills and was initially intended only for oral use. There is no original liquid Anavar either for oral or for intramuscular or intravenous administration. If you find liquid Anavar, please, mind, that chances are very high that this is a fake Anavar of Anavar of a very low pharma grade and quality which can be dangerous for your health, while you will not know which additives are used in the drug and the components of which quality are used for the pills.

Thus, the recommendation #1: buy Anavar only in pills.

Many online stores offer Anavar pills in various dosages. In this review we will explain which Anavar dosages are best for each possible Anavar cycle and how to take them to the best effect for your body and health.

In most online athletic stores of anabolic steroids Anavar pills are available in blisters in dosages of 2,5mg, 10mg and 20mg.

Anavar pills for women

Anavar or Oxandrolone is specifically developed and marketed for women in an extremely low dosage of 2,5mg each pill. Women are more sensitive to the action of the drug and their bodies respond better even to the minimal dosages. Though Anavar is considered to be safe for women and to not cause virilization effects, still taking this anabolic steroid in high dosages for a prolonged period of time is not recommended as the risk of masculinization side effects increases significantly in this case.

Oxandrolone or Anavar pills in dosages of 2,5mg are specifically developed for women. They are commonly used in the cycles for the next goals:

  • to cut and harden skeletal muscles
  • losing weight without excessive cardio working out
  • to treat muscle wasting diseases and other specific conditions
  • to regain muscles after sufficient damages, long term periods of weakening, surgeries, exhaustions after diseases

Anavar 2,5mg pills are recommended to be taken in the next way.

First time female users are recommended to take a pill of 2,5mg of Anavar 30 minutes prior to a workout and the next pill in 12 hours after the first intake. Take Anavar following this scheme for 4 weeks. If needed, add up a single dosage and take 5mg of Anavar 30 minutes before training. Then take 5mg each 8 hours. Thus your daily dosage will be 6 pills of 2,5mg of Anavar.

The next scheme of intake is recommended for female users for cutting cycles. Take one pill of Anavar 2,5mg twice a day in even intervals of time. The duration of the cycle is 4 to 6 weeks. During the 7th week, please, reduce your daily dosage to 2,5mg of Anavar in total (a single intake).

Anavar pills for male users

There are two dosages of pills of Oxandrolone (Anavar) for male users. The beginning athletes and those users who just start their first anabolic steroid cycle are recommended to start with 10mg of Anavar as a single dosage. The scheme of intake in the cutting cycle will be the next:

During the first week of the cycle it is recommended to start with 10mg of Anavar 30 minutes prior to training and the next 10mg in 12 hours after the first intake. If needed, increase the dosage of Anavar for the next 4-5 weeks and take by the scheme of 20mg of Anavar 30 minutes prior to a training and two dosages of 10mg in 8 hourly intervals.

Advanced users can take 20mg of Anavar each 6 hours. It is not recommended to exceed 20mg single dosage and 80mg daily dosage. In case of exceeding the dosage the risks of side effects increase significantly.

Advanced female users can also opt in 20mg Anavar pills, but this pill dosage is recommended only for experienced female athletes who are sure in their response to the action of the drug and to the safety of such intakes.

Another option for experienced male users is Anavar 20mg pills. The scheme of intake of Anavar 20mg is simple. It is not recommended to split the dosage, thus you can take it only as a whole pill. The scheme is the next: take a pill of Anavar 20mg 30 minutes prior to training, and then 3 dosages of 20mg each 6 hours. Do not exceed a single dosage maximum of 20mg as well as daily dosage maximum of 80mg.

Anavar pills of 20mg are not recommended for use in women as the risks of side effects and virilization symptoms turn then extremely high.