Liquid Anavar

Liquid AnavarAnavar is an anabolic steroid, initially developed as a recovery drug for patients suffering from severe diseases as HIV/AIDS, hepatitis, diabetes and for patients after traumas and surgeries. As the anabolic effect of the drug was noticed and bodybuilders started to use it for fat burning and performance enhancement, the drug was placed on the list of controlled substances and is now available only with prescription from your doctor in all countries of the world. Initially the drug was developed only in a form of pills with no liquid alternative either for oral or for intravenous and intramuscular use. Due to the poor legal availability of Anavar, some underground labs start producing Anavar in a liquid form for oral use and to sell the anabolic steroid on a black market. This is the only way you can get liquid Anavar for use in cutting and off season cycles.

Remember, liquid Anavar is not an original Oxandrolone. This drug can not also refer to the generic group of drugs as generics must inherit the form and dosage of the original medication. In this Anavar review of its liquid form we will explain you how to take the steroid correctly, what are the top risks of using liquid steroid Anavar and how to protect yourself from unwanted effects.

What are the risks of liquid Anavar?

As all liquid forms suggests Anavar in a suspension features two key problems:

  1. The first and foremost problem of liquid form of Anavar is the purity and safety of the drug. As this form of this anabolic steroid is produced by unauthorized developers in underground laboratories, then you can not be sure in the quality of active ingredients and supplementary additives. Moreover, no one will take responsibility for the outcomes of intake and treatment with such a drug. You will not get any proofs that you purchased the drug from this laboratory or from this website as commonly the algorithm of purchase of anabolic steroids on the black market is severely “encrypted”. You can not be sure in the quality and purity of the drug. Using low quality ingredients for suspension Anavar can be of great risk for your health. Moreover, Anavar is one of the most expensive anabolic steroids on the market. The demand is extremely high and the underground developers enjoy double benefit by selling low quality Anavar. There are known cases when liquid suspension labelled Anavar did not contain any Anavar related components. Thus a user takes just takes a blank substances or placebo. However there are cases when low quality ingredient and forbidden additives cause severe damages to the health and life of athletes. That is why making a decision to buy liquid Anavar, please, be sure you check the supplier and buy a tried and tested suspension.
  2. The second but not the least essential problem which performs liquid Anavar is the quality of spreading of active ingredient in the suspension. The matter is that as the drug is produced in an underground laboratories, then there are no such technologically advanced processes of production to ensure even spreading of active component through the suspension. Thus each time you take a dosage from the bottle you get a different (each time lower or higher) dosage of the drug. In any anabolic steroid cycle the exactness of dosage is a half of success.
  3. The third typical problem of any liquid anabolic steroid is a correct measurement of a dosage. Please, mind, that each manufacturer can produce liquid Anavar in different concentration. Read the label and instruction provided with the drug carefully. The label of the drug must contain information about how much of active component is contained in 1ml of the liquid. Some manufacturers provide a measuring appliance with the bottle of the drug. This can be a measuring container or a medicine dropper. If none is supplied with a bottle, please, never try to measure a necessary Anavar dosage with household appliances as teaspoons. Use a syringe.

A related problem of liquid Anavar is that some simple calculations are necessary to find out how much suspension you need to get a desired dosage of Anavar.

Other problems related to liquid Anavar is storage and shelf life of an opened bottle. The only advantage of purchasing a liquid form of Oxandrolone is its price. Commonly a liquid form is much cheaper than original Anavar pills. However you will discover much benefits for extra money you pay for Anavar pills as simplicity of intake, correctness and precision of each dosages, absence of risks of taking an unknown substance instead of Anavar, ease of use and storage and many others.

Please, be sure, you know what you buy. If you want to save money and to start a new cutting cycle, then there are many alternatives to Anavar (though with higher risks of side effects and featuring a more aggressive mode of action), but they will be much safer than purchasing a suspension of unknown origin and content.