How to take Anavar

The success of any steroid cycle is determined with correctness of intake of the anabolic, but how to take Anavar to the most beneficial effect?

BlackwolfAnavar is a brand name of Oxandrolone – an anabolic steroid which best works for cutting cycles for reducing subcutaneous fat content and for preserving of lean muscle tissues. The popularity of the drug is explained by its safety for men and women alike, its low potential to cause side effects and to complete absence of risks related to high levels of estrogens as the drug is not aromatized in the body (does not get converted in the estrogens and thus the levels of this hormone remain unchanged). Other reasons of popularity of Anavar is simplicity of use as the drug is available in pills for oral use and does not need to be injected. Knowing how to take Anavar correctly, when to take the pills and which anabolic steroids and hormones to stack Anavar with will help  you to plan your ultimate Anavar cycle and to reduce the risks of steroid misuse to minimum.

When to take Anavar?

How to take AnavarAnavar is not intended for bulking, it does not assist in adding up lean muscle mass directly. The drug does not affect the growth of muscles, however it creates necessary conditions for you to work on lean muscle mass. The best way to use Anavar is for cutting cycles. If you use steroids for building up a perfect body, please, plan Anavar for cutting cycle to achieve ultimate effect. The drug performs its potential best when you are on diet and taking excessive cardio workouts as it preserves muscles from damaging and destruction. Thus you can work out safely with no fear to lose muscle mass.

In female athletes this anabolic steroid works in a different way as women are more sensitive to the action of the drug and their bodies perform a different response. The effect of the drug will depend on an average dosage of the cycle.

How to take Anavar for cutting?

An average scheme of Anavar intake is commonly the same as for men so for women as the drug is absorbed equally as in male so in female body. The difference is in initial and average dosages of the drug for a daily intake.

How to take Anavar for male cutting cycle:

It is recommended to start Anavar for male cutting cycle at the dosage of 50mg (a daily dosage split in several intakes). Numerous Anavar reviews from professional and experienced athletes prove that the minimum dosage which will perform any effect is 30mg in a day. The maximum daily dosage at which the benefits of intake will still overweigh the risks of overdosing is 80mg. If you opt in minimum to moderate dosages of Anavar, then your intake scheme will be the next:

take 30mg of Anavar 30 minutes prior to your training, and then add one dosage of 20mg or two dosages of 10mg at a six hour interval.

If you opt for a maximum dosage of Anavar being 80mg, then you must take the first 20mg in the morning and other 60mg split in three intakes in intervals of 6 hours.

How to take Anavar for female cutting cycles:

Female bodies are more sensitive to Anavar and respond very well to low dosages of the drug. Many female fitness models claim that for a cutting cycle 10mg of Anavar is all that they need to get ultimate cutting and muscle defining result. Still it is recommended to start from a much lower dosages. Anavar is available in pills starting from 2,5mg which is specifically intended for use in women. The best start of Anavar is 2,5mg 30 minutes prior to the training and the next 2,5mg of Anavar right in 12 hours after the first intake. Thus a perfect starting dosage of Anavar for d day for a female cutting cycle is 5mg. If needed women can increase the dosage up to 10mg daily by adding 2,5mg in the morning every next week.

Proper cycle duration

The duration of Anavar cycle is one of the most disputable question in the athletic circles. Many athletes in debates of how to take Anavar correctly claim that there will be no effect of the drug in a cycle shorter than 12 weeks. However the extensive studies of the drug prove that this anabolic steroid performs the best effect within the first 6 weeks of intake. In the next weeks of intake the efficacy of Anavar gets significantly reduced. Thus the most recommended length of a correct Anavar cycle is from 6 to 8 weeks with the last two weeks used for gradual decreasing of dosage.

Anavar is also recommended to stack with synthetic testosterone as this anabolic steroid suppresses the natural production of the essential male hormone. Most athletes require an additional post-cycle therapy treatment to renew the natural production of testosterone in the body. This is easily achieved with Clomid or Nolvadex started right after the last dosages of Anavar are taken.