Anavar half life

Anavar half lifeFor a beginning and an experienced user of the steroid it is of ultimate importance to know Anavar half life. This information is essential for all users to plan Anavar cycle and to find out a correct dosage for a set goal for the cycle. Moreover, knowing the half life of the drug, you will be able to take this steroid to the maximum effect you can expect from the cycle.

Anavar has a certain amount of time when it remains active in the body after it is taken and absorbed in the blood before your body starts to metabolize and excrete this anabolic steroid from out. The amount of time needed for this drug to be metabolized and excreted to the half of its amount is called a half life of Anavar. Knowing the half life of any steroid is essential because:

  • when on Anavar cycle you need to keep the level of a steroid stable in the body
  • you want to work it as long as you need to ensure the best effect

Anavar is an oral anabolic steroid which is taken by mouth and is not manufactured officially in any other form. The drug is available only in pills. There are liquid alternatives of Anavar on the black market. The liquid form of Anavar is a kind of a derivative from an original drug as it is produced from the same components (Oxandrolone powder), but is manufactured in a different form. It is considered that liquid Anavar gets absorbed faster in the blood. But it is a common misconception. Liquid Anavar is of higher risk for your health and well being as well as for the success of your cycle than Anavar pills.

A dosage of Anavar gets very fast absorbed in the blood. Anavar half life is approximately 9 hours. Such a short half life of Anavar explains the fast effect it performs in the body of an athlete. In most cases Anavar is recommended to be used 30 minutes prior to the training and the daily dosage is recommended to be evenly spread throughout the day. For example, if you opt in two intakes, then two dosages of Anavar must be divided by 12 hours interval. The maximum recommended dosage of Anavar being 80mg is recommended to be split in 4 intakes of 20mg of Anavar (a one time maximum allowed dosage) taken each 6 hours.

It is of ultimate importance to support an even content of the drug in the body during an entire Anavar cycle. Any anabolic steroid cycle requires ultimate self discipline from a user. You must realize that it is not just a fun. Anavar is a serious drug. It is not a vitamin supplement. It is a drug modulating the hormonal level of your body as the medicine suppresses the natural production of testosterone in your body. Some athletes add additional dosage of synthetic testosterone to support normal level of this hormone in the body.

How to correctly take Anavar?

Anavar is the safest anabolic steroid available for athletes and bodybuilders for reducing fat content in the body. The drug is side effects friendly and does not cause virilization side effects if used by women. In most cases Anavar does not cause any side effects. It does not pose a risk of estrogen related side effects as gynecomastia, water retention, rapid jumps of mood, bloating. Women in their turn are protected from experiencing masculinization side effects with Anavar. This anabolic steroid does not boost body hair growth, clitor enlargement and voice deepening. But there is always a “but!” which you need to consider.

The safety of the drug is on the edge of the dosage you take. Considering a very short Anavar half life, some athletes try to increase a daily dosage and one time dosage to ensure stable levels of the drug in the body. However this is an ultimate mistake of all users as beginners so of experienced ones. Mind that increase of the dosage of Anavar will increase the risk of possible side effects.

Regardless of Anavar half life women are recommended to limit their intake of Anavar to 5mg per day (two intakes of 2,5mg of Anavar every 12 hours) for beginning users who just start using steroids to make their bodies. Experienced female users are recommended to not exceed a 10mg daily dosage of Anavar (two intakes of 5mg of Anavar each 12 hours). Considering Anavar half life a 12 hour interval is the best choice as it is simple to follow and does not affect your schedule of activity and sleeping.

Considering Anavar half life, a perfect cycle schedule for male users is as follows:

  • 20mg of Anavar 30 minutes prior to the training and 20mg in 12 hours after the first intake for beginning users
  • 20mg of Anavar each 6 hours (please, follow the interval of 30 minutes before training to let the drug get absorbed in the blood and to perform its effect) for experienced users opting for the maximum dosage.