Anavar for women

When a female athlete plans to start steroids the first thought is how to avoid virilization effect and whether Anavar for women is really that safe. In this review of Anavar (Oxandrolone) for female athletes we will try to answer all these questions and to touch upon the greatest concerns about this steroid drug.

Anavar for womenAnavar is commonly referred to as a female steroid due to its really mild effect and poor bulking capacity which is the prime goal for most male athletes. Anavar for women is much more safe and effective performing more noticeable and prominent results than for male athletes. The steroid is safe for women due to absolutely zero risks of virilization – the presence of male secondary sex characters as excessive hair growth, deepening of voice, enlargement of clitor and others. These are the most common concerns in female athletes before they start any steroid cycle. With Anavar women stay safe and protected from any risks of masculinization.

Anavar for women works in the same way as testosterone for male bodybuilders. It is nearly a perfect hormonal agent boosting naturally the desired complex of processes in the female body. While all other steroids present the highest risk of masculinization (virilization) for women (thus the motivation for creating a perfect muscular body must be extremely high), Anavar for female athletes will work the same but without the risk to spoil the aesthetic look of female body with male characteristic features. Such effects of virilization commonly destroy the female look. In most cases the process of virilization turns irreversible (due to high dosages, long cycles, high frequency of cycles in complex with extra workouts). With Anavar women can stay safe, the effect is quite mild (as realized by men), and the drug is absolutely side effects’ friendly, meaning that the risk of even common (claimed by the manufacturer) side effects is extremely low. According to our research, only 3% of Anavar users experience side effects from taking the drug. Still the main condition of successful, safe and effective Anavar cycle for women is considerable use and moderate dosages.

Off-season Anavar cycle for women

Anavar for women can be applied in off-season cycles. The goals of this period of time are very simple: to keep achieved shape and relief and to gain more lean muscle tissues with less efforts than you spend during hard bulking cycles. For male athletes the off season use of Anavar is quite irrational as the mild effect of the drug will be less noticeable and defining than of other anabolic androgenic steroids which will turn far more powerful and effective for adding up lean mass. Anavar can result in lean muscle gain for male athletes but this effect will cost much more than with other steroidal supplements which are either less expensive or needed in much smaller dosages and for shorter periods of time to perform a muscle gaining effect.

Women are much more sensitive to the action of Oxandrolone and thus their bodies respond better to the Anavar cycles. In female athletes the hormone ensures quite higher and more noticeable return in terms of lean muscle growth per each milligram of the drug used during Anavar cycle.

Anavar for women in dieting

While the effect of Anavar for women is indisputable, still to see even more changes for your body, it is highly recommended to use Anavar in a cutting cycle with proper dieting. Among all the options of steroids available on the market and purposed for cutting cycles for women Anavar is the best choice shaping the bodies of top fitness models of the world. As it is commonly known women are much harder to lose body fat than men. In most cases the fat content on the essential body parts as hips and belly will not go off no matter how hard you try. Another risk for female athletes is quite a sufficient loss of lean muscle mass in attempts to burn out fat from the problem areas. With Anavar for women the process of fat loss will get a natural boost. Anavar preserves lean muscle mass. The amount of lean muscles in the body determines the efficiency of all metabolic processes. Thus losing lean muscles in a cutting cycle you will slow down essential metabolic processes sufficiently. With Anavar you will manage to preserve lean muscles and thus to support the natural speed of metabolism in your body.

Moreover, Anavar as no other steroid makes muscles harder and overall physique stronger. This effect is very hard to achieve with other drugs.

Possible side effects of Anavar for women

Anavar does not pose any female specific risks. It does not change healthy hormonal levels of the body, it does not affect the way the female reproductive system works, it does not suppress the fertility and the functioning of the essential glands. Most Anavar side effects are associated with personal sensitivity or intolerance of the drug. Side effects of Anavar are commonly present with digestive symptoms as vomiting, diarrhea and nausea. Rashes and other allergic side effects are extremely rare with Anavar.