Anavar dosage

Commonly an average Anavar dosage will depend on a certain range of factors as sex of a user, level of training, initial physical condition as well as steroidal experience. Another significant factor determining a daily dosage of the drug for Anavar cycle is personal goals of an athlete or bodybuilder. A standard Anavar dosage for male athletes will be much higher than a daily dosage of Anavar for female bodybuilders and fitness models. The matter is that female users are more sensitive to the action of this steroid than male athletes. This means that female athletes and bodybuilders will benefit from smaller dosages of Anavar than males. In this Anavar review we will touch upon the purposes this steroid drug is taken for as well as necessary Anavar dosages to achieve the set goals.

Anavar dosage in a cutting cycle

Anavar or Oxandrolone best works for cutting cycles to reduce fat content in the body and to strengthen muscles while getting a more defined and well cut muscular relief. Female athletes commonly reach better and more noticeable results due to difference of body functioning and hormonal levels. In the norm, due to higher levels of specific hormones female body stores more fat  than male one. That is why the cutting effect of Anavar will be much more visible and prominent. The cutting effect of Anavar for women is considered to be quite enough for female athletes and fitness models so they do not need to search and try other steroidal hormones and to putthemselves at risk of developing virilization symptoms.

Anavar dosageAn average Anavar dosage for female athletes will be 10mg in a day. Such a dosage does not need to be split into two intakes. It is recommended to take Anavar in the morning. The female dosage of Anavar will be unchanged during an entire cutting cycle. This dosage will be quite enough for a  sufficient reduction of body fat content as well for preserving lean muscle mass as during strict low carb and low fat diet as well as during extensive workouts. Further on the low Anavar dosage for women will result in stronger physique and harder muscles, the muscles will turn tighter under the skin and an overall look will turn sexier and prettier.

Only some women require a higher dosage of Oxandrolone and rarely opt in 20mg of Anavar per day. In this case a dosage is recommended to take in two intakes: one in the morning and another one in the second part of the day at least 4 to 6 hours prior to night sleep.

A higher dosage of Oxandrolone is recommended only for those female athletes who poorly respond to 10mg dosage. However you must remember that an increased dosage of Anavar boosts the risks of virilization. Some female athletes perform the symptoms of masculinization when on Anavar 20mg daily dosage.

If the increase of dosage is necessary, then make the rise gradual. Add 5mg of Anavar per week. This means that the Anavar cutting cycle in your case will look in the next way:

  • 1st week – 10mg of Anavar daily taken in a single intake
  • 2nd week – 15mg of Anavar daily taken in a single intake
  • 3rd– 6th weeks – 20mg of Anavar daily taken in two intakes

For male athletes and bodybuilders looking to better define muscles and to get leaner the initial Anavar dosage will be much higher than this one for women and will commonly start at 40-50mg per day. Beginning athletes are recommended to start their first cycles of Anavar with much lower dosages of 20-30mg. However it is not advised to start a cycle with an average dosage. The first week is used to get your body adjusted to the action of the drug. Thus you take a low dosage of 20mg during the first week and then increase the dosage up to 30-40-50mg for the 2nd and the next weeks.

Though there are Anavar reviews claiming that 80mg of the drug work best for the athletes still we do strongly recommend to keep to a perfect medium dosage of 50mg. Anavar is commonly referred to as a side effects’ free steroid. This means that this steroid suggests the lowest risks of side effects ever. While specific side effects are really rare, still there is a high risk of developing individual side effects when the dosage is very high (80mg and higher).

Anavar dosage for a bulking cycle

Anavar is not a steroid for bulking up lean muscle mass. It does not offer any advantages of bulking. The price of the drug is extremely high in comparison to a bulking effect the drug performs. To achieve some effects of adding up lean muscles you will need to take Anavar at much higher dosages than other steroids which are aimed at bulking. If you still have an intention to try to bulk on Anavar, then it is recommended to try Anavar cutting cycle to track the response of your body to the action of the drug and then to start an Anavar bulking cycle with Anavar dosages going as high as 80-100mg.