Anavar cycle

This review will be of great help for those athletes who plan their first Anavar cycle as well for pro athletes and experienced users of Oxandrolone and other anabolic steroids to refresh their knowledge and to find out new lifehacks and tips on safe and effective intake of the drug in Anavar only cycles.

Oxandrolone (the brand name – Anavar) is the safest and the mildest anabolic steroid from all the available drugs on the sport market. Due to its mild effect and almost zero side effects as well as extremely low virilization risks Anavar is the best choice for female athletes of all levels of training and experience. The community of professional athletes and bodybuilders refers to Anavar as to female or girl steroid. The mildness of effect of Anavar in only cycles is the reason of top popularity of the drug among female users as well as the reason of avoidance by some beginning male athletes who strive to see ultimate effect from the first steroidal cycle and who do not know for sure how Anavar for women and men works. Still professional male athletes and experienced Anavar users know that this is one of the best options among steroid drugs for athletes whose aim is to super cut and define muscular relief all over the body as well as to gain extra lean mass as Anavar does not affect muscle mass during cutting cycles. The avoidance of Anavar by younger and non experienced athletes is due to mistaking the drug with other steroids which are commonly used for gaining muscles. Anavar works in a different way.

In this Anavar cycle review we will explain how this steroid works and what effects you can expect from Anavar only cycle.

Why Anavar is the top recommended steroid to start from?

When beginning athletes make up their minds to start adding steroids to their working out, then their first thoughts are to find a drug performing extra fast and extra great effect regardless of its safety. This is one of the top wrong approaches to building up great muscles and sexy relief. The safety of the drug is of ultimate importance.

Anavar is a perfectly studied steroid drug which is safe for men and women and is used in short cycles. Sufficient studies have proved that the drug performs its best effect in the first six weeks of intake and then its efficacy turns to be less visible and noticeable. That is why Anavar cycle is planned for 6-8 weeks only. Shorter cycles are simpler and easier for new athletes and bodybuilders to keep up with.

Another reason Anavar cycle is recommended for beginning users is that the drug is a very fast acting steroidal agent that helps to preserve lean muscle mass during cutting cycles. Moreover the drug boosts overall metabolic activity in the body and assists in reducing fat content in the body in the natural way.

The efficacy of Anavar in bulking cycle is much lower, still it is possible to add up lean muscle mass, but the effect will be not as great as with other steroids which are purposed for bulking. The muscle gaining effect is much more evident in cycles of Anavar for women.

Anavar cycle for bulking and muscle gaining effect

Please, plan your goals correctly when you opt in Anavar cycle, especially in Anavar only cycle. The matter is that this steroid is a bad choice for those whose aim is to gain muscle mass. Anavar makes your muscles more visible and bold only due to melting fat from all over the body. As a fat layer becomes thinner, the muscles become more defined in their turn.

Anavar is badly studied for gaining muscle mass, but if you manage to add up mass during Anavar cycle combined with low fat and low carb diet, then you can be sure that every added pound is purely lean muscle mass.

The top reason why Anavar is not recommended to take for bulking cycles is its high price. The cost of adding a few lean pounds will be extremely high in comparison to other steroids which can cost the same but which provide a much more prominent effect.Anavar cycle for bulking

Anavar cycle for cutting

For all athletes and bodybuilders Anavar will best work in cutting cycles. This steroid is much preferred for cutting due to its ultimate fat burning effect and preservation of lean muscle mass. Oxandrolone should be a steroid of choice for cutting cycles considering the initial physical condition of an athlete or bodybuilder. The matter is that if a fat content in the body is extremely high, then there are more powerful fat burners on the steroids market (for example, Trenbolone). Oxandrolone is the best choice for those athletes who are in proper physical shape and who want to better define the relief.

Regardless of your level of training Anavar only cycle suggests steady dosages of the drug. You start with a lower Anavar dosage of 10mg for the first week to let your body adjust and the increase the dosage up to 30-40mg taken in two parts in the morning and in the afternoon till the end of the cycle.